“Otto Hears Everything” – A day in the life of Otto

New engaging story book in the OtiKids program


Copenhagen, May 2005. Do you know Otto? Well, if you haven’t met him yet here is the perfect chance to spend a day with him! In Oticon’s latest addition to the OtiKids collection, you can follow the little OtiKids mascot through a typical day filled with lots of activities and fun. The beautifully illustrated booklet serves two important purposes – it engages the children with hearing loss in a story that they can easily relate to and it serves as an educational piece for those around the child, providing a lot of interesting information and increase the general understanding of hearing loss.


The easy-to-read story and fun-to-look-at pictures lead the reader and listener through a busy day in Otto’s life, accompanying him all the way from getting up in the morning to going to sleep at night. A number of typical scenarios that can easily be recognized by the hearing impaired child are described: going to the hospital for a check-up of the hearing aids, being at nursery school and playing with friends on the playground and having dinner with the family. Even though Otto does all those things wearing his hearing aids, kids without hearing aids can also relate to them – making this booklet a great tool for enhancing the understanding of hearing loss among their peer group.


“Otto hears everything” has been developed together with Linda Hutsell-Manning, the author of picture books, plays and the ongoing Wonder Horn time travel series. The story booklet was created for children age 2+ and can be read aloud at home by the family, at school by the teacher or if the child is old enough, it is surely fun reading it alone.


About OtiKids

This new story booklet is another addition to Oticon’s extensive OtiKids program which aims at increasing understanding, acceptance, and quality of life through better hearing. Oticon has a long tradition of supporting children with hearing difficulties. Its OtiKids program includes educational, fun and interactive material for children as well as creative tools for teachers to further the audiological education of children in an engaging way. It also offers a wealth of information to parents of children with hearing loss through its dedicated OtiKids website In addition, it provides a range of useful business tools for paediatric audiologists.


Otto Hears Everything is available at a shipping and handling price of $5.00. To order, contact the author through her web site.

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