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Jason and the Portrait Pirates 

In this third novel, Jason and his friends are transported to the Bristol docks in Victorian England. They are rescued from kidnappers by Fairfield Manor's butler, and taken to perform for Lady Lancaster's garden-party. When valuable portraits are stolen that night, they are suspected and forced to leave. Befriended by a fortune-teller, they travel to London where, assisted by the butler's ghost, they find the stolen portraits and return them to the Manor in Bristol.

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Time-Learning Series for Ages 3 - 8

Dinosaur Days Animal Hours
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Otto Hearing Series for Ages 6+

Otto Hears Many Things

Otto Discovers FM

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Author as Playwright, Director and Actor, 1950

Author 1952

Author with Brighton PS novel study students, 2007


"Linda's background in theatre served her well in front of an audience of rambunctious students. She captivated them with Jason's fantastical story. The questions that followed indicated just how much the reading had made an impression. I am certain that many rushed home to see what historical artifact may lie in their own attic, another magic bugle perhaps? A week after the reading, the local bookseller called me up to inquire about the Jason books. A number of students who were at the reading had come into the shop wanting to read more!" 
Barbara Edwards, Librarian, Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, BC

"They're amazing books, very interesting and when's the third one coming out?"
John Wagner, Regina, Saskatchewan, age 11 

“Like a bugle that shows you hidden magic when you play it, Jason and the Wonder Horn and Jason and the Deadly Diamonds are breaths of fresh air for kids longing for adventure.  Readers of all ages will feel their hearts pounding as they turn the pages.”
Alec Dwyer, Houston, Texas, age 11

“I really enjoyed reading the Jason books because of their historical background and because of the characters. I found it fascinating to read about what life was like during different time periods in old Europe, and the characters really brought the book to life for me. I would definitely recommend these books to anyone.”
Colleen Cordukes, Cobourg, ON, age 16

“Linda Hutsell-Manning enchanted the students with her wonderful readings and enthusiasm for writing during her visit to Copper Cliff Public School. She inspired many students to pursue their story writing during her writing workshop. The students and staff of our school were thrilled to have her visit us for the day!”
Copper Cliff Teacher, Katrina Nadeau

"I really like the German peoples' names, like Wolfgang. I stayed very focused the whole way through, and I couldn't wait for the exciting conclusion. I think that people who like history, or time-travel, would like Jason and the Wonder Horn."
Emily Boyd, Moran, Kansas USA, age 8

"Our granddaughter, Paige, was quite impressed with your author reading at C.R. Gummow school (Cobourg, ON) on September 30/05. She remembered a lot of detail ie Coburg, Germany and how the characters in the books were developed. We wanted to thank you."
Meryl & Marianne Gingrich, Cobourg, ON

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