Linda Hutsell-Manning

Started writing in my late 30's;
first published at 41,
still going strong at 81 !!

Reader Comments

"Your book brought back a flood of memories with its keen eye for detail and unsentimental matter-of-fact tone. Congratulations."
Leslie, Professor Emeritus, Queen's University

"A delight to read for so many reasons." Don, retired high school teacher

"Well written, clear and engaging. Special moments captured brilliantly." Reva, author and teacher

"You have captured, for history, the everyday rhythm and challenges of being in charge of a one-room school." Pam, author

"Memoir is an absolute delight and a historical record of an era most people would not be aware of in education now." Shelagh, author

"Your book is very valuable in order to keep that part of our school history from being forgotten." Barbara, retired nurse

"Marvellous stories about a world that regrettably will never come again." Shane, author

"An 'old school' memoir of the nicest kind." Ted, author

" A versatile writer who effectively transports readers to the early 1960's and recounts with visceral clarity, her one-room school teaching experiences." Shelley, author


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    "My students in 1964"    "Schoolhouse in 1964"    "My Students in 2019"


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