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A Certain Singing Teacher

Two-Act Comedy in which
Infidelity begets Ingenuity

Aspiring singer song-writer, Francine LaSalle, leaves her philandering theatre agent partner, Allan Fairfax to become a singing teacher in Krammer's Corners. When three students, who learn versions of her only published song, sign up to compete in CFQJ's small town talent contest, Allan arrives as one of the judges. Hilarious and improbable complications subsequently develop.

"World Premiere" by VOS Theatre

Three Shows Only - Feb 10 8pm Feb 11 2pm Feb 11 8pm
Victoria Concert Hall, Cobourg, Ontario
Box-Office 905-372-2210 or 855-372-2210

The Tangling of Years

A Novel about
Elder Abuse

As a charming but ruthless son reconnects with his elderly mother in order to gain control of her estate, this novel explores how one man’s egotistical actions leave an indelible mark on all who meet him. Everyone’s past tangles into the present, amplifying discord and demanding resolution. The conflict between the desire for “an eye for an eye” pits itself against the need for understanding and forgiveness.


That Summer in Franklin

A Novel exposing
Power vs Vulnerability

Second Story Press

Two women face not only the heart-breaking task of institutionalizing their aging parents but also an ugly forty year secret exposed by an ambitious reporter. What happened at the Britannia Hotel in 1955 when they waitressed there, now complicates their lives by exposing their pasts, forcing compromise and ingenuity.

"A surprisingly upbeat novel as much about reunions as losses. Meticulously researched. Filled with accumulated wisdom, compassion and humour." Globe & Mail

"An emotionally charged novel that is compared to Margaret Laurence and Maeve Binchy."
Open Book Ontario

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

A Novella where
Marital Stress meets the Surreal

Quattro Books 2013 Novella Competition

A couple's seemingly idyllic relationship is fractured by a life-changing car accident that turns a successful and arrogant professor into a petulant and difficult quadriplegic.

Compounding his patient wife's care-giving duties, a series of surreal occurrences provide a possible and ultimately tempting exit path.

"Waiting for the Right Publisher"

Book Series for Young Readers

Wonder Horn Time-Travel Series

Jason and the Wonder Horn

Coteau Books

Jason and the Deadly Diamonds

Coteau Books

Jason and the Portrait Pirates

Publisher-ready, the third in a five-book series.

Excerpt from this Novel

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