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A memoir based on Linda's two years teaching in a one-room red-brick school in Southern Ontario. Click to read Excerpt

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Blue Denim Press

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"Finding Moufette"

Online Short-Story at

A handsome black and white cat stares out big glass doors, his long whiskers twitching as snowflakes swirl into drifts against the backyard fence. It's late afternoon on December twenty-fourth, and Caitlin and her mom, sing and laugh as they hang colourful ornaments and crinkly tinsel on an evergreen tree. The cat twitches his feathered tail and mews to go out. ***

What Reader's say about Finding Moufette:

"...what a delightful short story to read to children at Christmas time - it would make a great book with pictures - the descriptions are so vivid you see the book in your imagination as you read . Fabulous piece." Mgshoup

"Balancing Act"

Online Short-story in The Danforth Review

Margaret is sure the place will be packed. Jan, the local librarian, decided that with North Korea threatening nuclear war and Trump tweeting insanities, dusting off The Day After - a controversial film in its day - would...

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"Marketing and Promoting
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Having your story accepted for online publication is exciting! But will anyone, besides close family and friends, read it?
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The Tangling of Years

Novel in which
Elder Abuse brings Three Strong Women together


In this Sequel to That Summer in Franklin, Deandra's charming but ruthless son, unexpectedly arrives at Sarah's country home insisting he take his mother out for lunch.

His sudden re-appearance sparks a chain of events that throw Sarah, Hannah and Collen together, causing them to forge a combined plan of action. Everyone's past tangles into the present, amplifying discord and demanding resolution.

The novel explores how one man's continuing egotistical actions leave an indelible mark on all who know him; the outcome highlighting decisions based on "eye for an eye" justice against the struggle to approach understanding and possibly forgiveness.

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That Summer in Franklin

Novel exposing
Power vs Vulnerability

Second Story Press

Two women face not only the heart-breaking task of institutionalizing their aging parents but also an ugly forty year secret exposed by an ambitious reporter. What happened at the Britannia Hotel in 1955 when they waitressed there, now complicates their lives by exposing their pasts, forcing compromise and ingenuity.

"A surprisingly upbeat novel as much about reunions as losses. Meticulously researched. Filled with accumulated wisdom, compassion and humour." Globe & Mail

"An emotionally charged novel that is compared to Margaret Laurence and Maeve Binchy." Open Book Ontario

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Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Novella where
Marital Stress meets the Surreal

Quattro Books 2013 Novella Competition

A couple's seemingly idyllic relationship is fractured by a life-changing car accident that turns a successful and arrogant professor into a petulant and difficult quadriplegic.

Compounding the difficulty of his wife's care-giving duties is her increasing workload at the Library. A subsequent series of surreal occurrences generate added stress but ultimately provide a possible and tempting exit.

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A Certain Singing Teacher

Two-Act Comedy in which
Infidelity begets Ingenuity

"2017 World Premiere" by VOS Theatre
Victoria Concert Hall, Cobourg, Ontario

Aspiring singer song-writer, Francine LaSalle, leaves her philandering theatre agent partner, Allan Fairfax to become a singing teacher in Krammer's Corners. Her three students, who learned versions of her only published song, sign up to compete in CFQJ's small town talent contest. When Allan arrives as one of the judges, hilarious complications subsequently develop, leading to an unexpected climax.

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Books for Young Readers: "Fog-Bound Through Time" Series

Jason and the Wonder Horn
Book 1
Coteau Books

Jason time-travels with his new friend, Charlotte, and her five-year-old brother Squid to medieval Coburg, Germany where a civil war is brewing. Jason's bugle becomes a golden horn with magical powers that assist in the discovery of documents proving who is the rightful heir to rhe Castle, thus avoiding civil war.

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"The crisp pace of this historical fantasy makes it hard to put down until the plot, with its panoramic cast of characters, tumbles to its epic climax"
- review

Jason and the Deadly Diamonds
Book 2
Coteau Books

In this exciting sequel, Jason time-travels with Charlotte and Squid to Luxembourg in the late 1600s. With the help of his magic bugle and a mysterious mermaid, they uncover secrets hidden in the French military tunnels under the city. This prevents a man from being hanged for a diamond theft he didn't commit.

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"I loved this book. I remember that a) I loved it b) it was based in Luxembourg and c) they baked diamonds into a pastry of some sort. Sound tempting? Yeah, you should read it." Goodreads review.

Jason and the Portrait Pirates
"Publisher Ready"

In this third novel, Jason and his friends are transported to the Bristol docks in Victorian England. They are rescued from kidnappers by Fairfield Manor's butler, and taken to perform for Lady Lancaster's garden-party. When valuable portraits are stolen that night, they are suspected and forced to leave. Befriended by a fortune-teller, they travel to London where, assisted by the butler's ghost, they find the stolen portraits and return them to the Manor in Bristol.

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